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Our Services and Prices

We offer two levels of service:

  • our traditional and excellent Full Service for both Residential and Commercial projects.
  • our convenient and quick web-based Do-It-Yourself Service for Residential Projects only.

Full Service Price Schedule

Our full service prices vary according to the characteristics of each project, and start at $195 for Residential New Building Projects, and $250 for Residential Existing-Plus-Addition Projects. Use our Full Service Cost Estimator to get a better estimate.

For Commercial Building Projects please contact us with the characteristics of your project.

Do-It-Yourself Price Schedule

Our Do-It-Yourself prices assume that you register as a member on our site, and that you 'take off' the information from your design yourself using the EasyTitle24 Takeoff Tools. Registering an account and using our takeoff tools is free, subject to our terms and conditions.

You may use the EasyTitle24 Takeoff Tools as long as you need to enter the information on your project. You only get charged when you submit your project for one of the Base Services below.

Do-It-Yourself Base Services
Existing-Plus-Addition Residential Report 299.00
Standard Residential Report 249.00
Preliminary Run Results 189.00
Heating and Cooling Load Calculations 189.00
Premium Options
Rush Service 85.00
Certification by Certified Energy Analyst 25.00
Shipping Options
Standard email Delivery 0.00
CAD Sheet Documentation by email 100.00
Report Copy sent by Priority Mail 25.00
Plan Sheet Documentation sent by Priority Mail 125.00
Additional Report Copies sent by Priority Mail 5.00

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